Who We Are

Radbird promotes our area’s treasures including our tour guide, Clyde Kessler. Clyde has been birding in the New River Valley since his earliest days and is a well respected and celebrated local talent. Clyde has a unique ability to educate about birds to diverse audiences; he can inspire a five-year-old or a 55-year-old.


            Our Mission:

Radbird is eager to share the Southwest Virginia’s birding experience with interested residents and visitors and to educate on this phenomenal natural resource of our region.

            Radbird Is For You

  • If you have always wanted to learn more about birding.
  • If you have some general knowledge of birds, but want to know more.
  • If you like combining walking with learning.
  • If you are a veteran birder and seek to expand your life list.
  • Or, quite simply, if you love birds.

Contact us by email: cvannoy@radbird.com or by phone: 540.639.3330

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